What You May Have Missed in June

Perhaps you were lucky enough to attend ISTE or another great conference? Perhaps you were on vacation? If so, you may have missed some of the tips, resources, and tools shared on Teacher Reboot Camp. What you might have missed… Your favorite posts this month based on comments and overall traffic: Do We See the […]

Goal: Have a Bit of Fun

Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 21 My to-do list would make anyone tear out their hair and scream. I am sure your to-do list would as well. However, my Personal Learning Network (PLN) is what energizes me! For example, last night I shared some great jokes and laughter with some Twitter friends! […]

Goal: What Do You Believe?

Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 19 One of my favorite NPR shows is This I Believe where people from all walks of life share their personal beliefs. This is in the form of an essay, which if selected is read on the radio and sometimes shared in a book. Reflection is important […]

Are Teachers Leaders in Education? #Edchat Summary

6pm CET/ 12pm EST Edchat Summary In this week’s Edchat we tried tackling this difficult question, “Are teachers leaders in education? Should real change involve teachers or those that have “real power” such as Administrators?” Although many agreed changed was needed in schools across the world, we came up with many different conclusions on where […]

Important Advice for Teachers

This past Monday I took part in a blog series, “52 teachers 52 lessons” moderated by Tom DeRosa. Once a week for a year, various teachers will post their answers to the following question: “What is the most important advice you can give to other teachers?” Above is the Wordle of the past 22 lessons […]