20+ Free Professional Development Opportunities for 2013

Part of the Cool Sites series 2013 is here and educators worldwide are thinking about how they can better support their students’ learning journeys. One way is by exemplifying what continuous learning is and learning from other experienced teachers. Educators have various free quality professional development opportunities online with various online educator communities popping up […]

11 of '11 Projects Transforming Education

Adam Simpson, an educator in Turkey, recently challenged bloggers to reflect on and post 11 of their best blog posts of 2011 (11 of 11). Reading several of the blogger’s posts and different takes on it has spurred me to reflect on my past year blogging and collaborating with my passionate/personal learning network (PLN) who […]

Connect To The World Through Twitter (Presentation)

Recently, I gave a Keynote for educators new to developing a learning network through Twitter. Please share the following resources with those new to Twitter in order to encourage them to join our passionate educator community. This PRESTO presentation is an updated version of my previous one, How to Build A PLN Using Twitter. In […]

What Did They Tweet?

3rd week of the May 2010 edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series! Let’s see what our Personal Learning Network (PLN) tweeted about in education and social media. Multimedia Tweets @ShellTerrell Thansk you for RT, Shelly! To see all your followers in a fun parade: http://isparade.jp/ 🙂Neus LorenzoNewsNeus You can embed this on […]

23 Resources about Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

Part of the Cool Sites series For the past year, I have researched the what, who, when, how, and why of Personal/Professional/Passionate Learning Networks (PLNs). We have seen the benefits of the people we choose to connect, collaborate, and problem solve with through social media. The educators, subject matter experts (SMEs), authors, and mentors we […]

What Did They Tweet?

February’s 4th edition of the What Did They Tweet weekly series! Let’s see what our Personal Learning Network (PLN) tweeted about in education and social media this week. Video: PLNs On the @livesofteachers’ blog you will find this excellent video describing PLNs, Personal Learning Networks – the What, Why and How. In this video, Darren […]

PLNs- Be A Mentor

Many of us have experienced the benefits of Personal Learning Networks (PLN), which include access to a 24/7 network of resource-sharers, SMEs (subject matter experts), supporters, and friends access to resources when we need it extended professional development in the learning style we like best wheter it is a video, blog post, podcast, webinar, or […]

Goal: Cause a Ripple

Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 14 While studying in college, I came across the Ripple Effect Theory. I was so enthused about the theory, I adopted it as a life motto. When we’re young we do that. Recently, I discovered that this theory has been applied to education. According, to Wise Geek, […]