Fostering a Culture of Innovation! Students who S.A.I.L!

Yesterday, I presented a new keynote for the NJAIS Innovation Symposium, The Keys to Fostering a Culture of Innovation! Students who S.A.I.L. The purpose was to help teachers facilitate and inspire student innovation. As I prepared for my keynote, I had to think about how teachers who perhaps didn’t define themselves as “innovators” might go […]

The Public School With No Grade Levels! #ISTE18 Interview with Travis Lape

The ISTE conference is a great place to discover exciting things happening at other schools. I was so excited when my good friend, Noah Geisel (@senorg), introduced me to Travis Lape (@TravisLape), the Innovative Programs Director of a public school with no grade levels. Travis Lape tells us about the impact and the experience of […]