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Click to get my book Learning to Go published by The Round for the price of 2 Starbucks coffees!
Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.- John Holt
I believe mobile devices transform learning when integrated effectively. Our students have powerful devices that they can carry in their pockets. With their devices students  can capture images, make videos, record audio, access the Internet, and so much more!  These tools will work without Internet access. When we download apps and have Internet access, our learners have endless opportunities to learn by creating, exploring, researching, and playing. In my book, Learning to Go published by The Round, I provide ideas, lesson plans, rubrics, and mobile ready handouts to accomplish this. The ebook is less than 2 Starbucks coffees and available as a PDF (best version) or Kindle book. Below find a list of 50+ Mobile Learning resources and 100s of free apps! Feel free to pass these resources around, print them, provide links or embed them on your sites, and use them with your colleagues. Keep visiting because these resources are continuously updated! One part of my job is traveling worldwide and helping teachers integrate technology and mobile learning effectively even if all they have available are the devices students bring in. If your school is interested in having me work with your teachers and students, contact me at Below is a video of my recent training in Croatia.

Mobile Learning Free Publications

My Mobile Learning Posts/ Presentations

Mobile Learning LiveBinder of Resources

Mobile Learning Implementation Guide

These are bookmarks of  case studies, schools, teachers, free ebooks, and more to show real examples of mobile learning at its best. Follow these folks, read their blogs, and share their resources!

Mobile Learning Slide Presentations with Free Apps

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