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“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” – Socrates

I strongly believe in global communication and make this apart of my curriculum, because I believe students need to develop important skills in collaborating and problem solving with peers worldwide. When you begin a new project online and invite teachers and their students to participate, you begin to widen your perspective. Below is a slide presentation and various bookmarks to get you started connecting!

Incredible Global Projects to Give You Ideas

These are some fantastic examples of global projects. Some are no longer active, but they provide you with an idea of projects:

Where to Find Classes Worldwide to Connect

  • The Skype for Educators Community is full of current global projects and allows you to post an invitation for your project or join Mystery Skypes and more!
  • The Epals Global Community– With classrooms in 200 countries and territories, ePals makes it easy to connect learners locally, nationally or internationally.
  • The Global Classroom Projects Wiki accepts new projects each year. This incredible community hosts various projects for teachers like Edmodo penpals, digital scrapbooks, and mystery locations.

Resources to Get You Started


Get your students started on a global collaboration project!

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    Bella Liu

    My personal goal is to try new apps and new technology skills. I would like to use those new apps at work.

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    Craig Nansen

    Google+ Hangouts is not mentioned in your Global Projects… It is a great way to get multiple classrooms online at the same time.

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