The 30 Goals Live Interviews

We are Hanging Out with some of the participants of the 30 Goals Challenge. Listen to their tips for having a successful year of accomplishing goals. These will take place through Google Hang Outs on Air. The recorded video interviews are on this Youtube 30 Goals playlist.

Interview 10: Débora Tebovich

About Débora Tebovich

Débora Tebovich is a freelance EFL teacher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She teaches one-to-one and face-to-face and also online. She has been teaching English for over 20 years. She has worked with kids, teenagers, young learners and adults both at private language schools and also in-company. Absolutely passionate about teaching and learning, she is enthusiastic about using technology to create memorable learning moments. Above all, Débora strongly believes in the power of education to transform people’s lives, and to help and encourage freedom of thought and develop bonds to make our world a better place for all of us and for future generations. She is a mentor at iTDI.
Twitter: @DatEnglish
Blog: DatEnglish

Interview 9: Ana Maria Menezes

About Ana Maria Menezes

EFL teacher, teacher developer, researcher and a blog writer. Apart from teaching English to teenagers, I try to help teachers to integrate technology to their classes by moderating an online course, CULTURA EDTECH, and offering different workshops. At the moment, I’m developing my M.A. dissertation on how participants experience social presence in virtual environments. I am an experienced teacher, an edtech specialist, but most of all an avid learner. I blog at
Twitter: @AnaMariaCult
Blog: Lifefeast

Interview 8: Theodora Pap

About Theodora Pap

Theodora Papapanagiotou has a BA in German Lit. & Language and a CELTA. She is a freelance EFL and DaF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) teacher who lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has been teaching since 1994 in private language schools. In the past 5 years she has been tutoring both children and adults privately. She has been keeping a blog since 2007 presenting ideas and various projects with her students, including music and kinesthetic activities. Among her interests: learning languages, photography, spinning (aspiring to be a spinning instructor soon) and her lovely son.
Twitter: @DoraPap72
Blog: Theodora’s Blog and in Greek,

Interview 7: Roseli Serra

About Roseli Serra

Brazilian, married, mother of two adults, life lover and traveller. A very happy person, enthusiastic teacher graduated in Psychology (specialized in education), Language Arts and Literature. I am also a teacher trainer and developer, e-moderator , ELT consultant, blogger and materials writer. I have taught English for over 25 years now. I teach English at Cultura Inglesa Casa Forte, Recife, Brazil and do lots of freelance works for publishers and institutions. I am guest teacher of a post-graduate course on Education at University of Pernambuco where I teach education technology . At the moment I am doing a long-distance MA in ELT at the University of Reading in UK.
twitter: @SerraRoseli
Blog: Roseli Coffee Desk
Edmodo: Roseli Serra

Interview 6: Rose Bard

About Rose Bard

I have been teaching English in private language schools since 1998. Ever since, a growing passion for teaching and learning led me to pursue a major in Pedagogy with emphasis on Early Childhood education. I have been working as an English educator for the past 5 years for SATC School, a great Educational Institute which has contributed greatly to technological development through education to our region. I work in the language center with all levels and ages and with the Project called UP in English. A project which aims to provide students (from 6th to 9th graders) the possibility to expand their oral skills by providing more hours of language practice during their school hours. My professional interests include English Language Learning and its challenges, Online Professional Development and the role of Technology in order to enhance authorship & language learning through dialogical process.
Twitter: @rosemerebard
Blog: Teaching Journal,

Interview 5: Fabiana Casella

About Fabiana Casella

My name is Fabiana Laura Casella. I am a passionate English teacher from Argentina, blessed mother of two angels God sent us and very interested in music, literature, history, education, psychology and being a connected educator. In 1989 I got my Bachelor´s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Since 1987 I have always worked at the same school: I first taught 6th grade but soon switched to teach Secondary School during the afternoons. I have taught EFL in many possible ways, f2f, online, to children, teenagers, adults, very early in the mornings and very late in the evenings. Soon after my first son was born, we moved to the United States where I taught ESL and Spanish in High School and Middle School. That really was the turning point in my teaching career: it opened my mind to a different world, I became even more curious and interested in using technology in the classroom, to try different types of teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, do research, attend conferences, seminars, lectures, and by watching classes, being observed by peers, mentors, coordinators and administrators helped me grow as an educator: I developed into an even more flexible, adaptable, knowledgeable, empathetic educator who cares directly from the heart. Coming back to my home country changed me forever: I realized I never wanted to be just a teacher anymore: I felt I needed to grow more and more every day. Get connected, be in touch with others, not only teach but learn new things, review things I had studied before, and work really hard on my PD and my PLN are now my goals. Although there was a time I was not very sure to open an account on any website and be exposed, I was finally convinced by the experts: So now I am all along Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Skype and I have recently began blogging.
Twitter: @FLCasella
Skype: fabianna.casella

Interview 4: Sylvia Guinan

About Sylvia Guinan

Sylvia Guinan has a BA in English Literature and a Higher Diploma in Education. She is an online English language teacher, educational blogger, materials developer, ELT writer, and mother of four. She teaches on the WizIQ platform and also works freelance through her personal website. She collaborates with other professionals online on various projects. In the past she ran public creativity experiments online with The Edupunk, she is currently writing a collaborative book with Andre Klein and other professionals, and she is a contributing facilitator and presenter for Jason R. Levine’s ELT-T MOOC which has just been launched on WizIQ. She is also planning a new public experiment for the Autumn called ‘ Break- Out In Poetry’.
She lives in Greece and has four bilingual children. Tuning into the creative minds of her kids helps to keep inspiration alive. Her Children are also self-publishing their own ebooks. They spend a lot of time writing stories and drawing, and they do their own illustrations. They call this work their ‘business’.
The passions which drive her work are Brain-Friendly teaching approaches and the psychology of learning.

Interview 3: Lisa Dabbs


About Lisa Dabbs

Lisa M. Dabbs M.Ed (@teachingwthsoul on Twitter) is an educational coach and consultant, a wife, and a mom. She’s a resident blogger and part of the social media marketing for, and the facilitator of Edutopia’s New Teacher Connections group, and is the founder of #ntchat on Twitter. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher, and was promoted to Project Director of a language and literacy program. She then served as an elementary school principal for 14 years. Most recently, she worked with Kaplan K-12 Educational Corporation as a Middle School Instructional Literacy Coach in Los Angeles Unified School District. She blogs and inspires at

Interview 2: Tyson Seburn

About Tyson Seburn

Tyson is a language teacher who specialises in English for academic purposes (EAP) contexts and has a passion for social media. He devotes a lot of time to professional development events, blogging ( and Twitter, aiming to inspire fellow English language teaching (ELT) educators to become involved in their communities, diversify their teaching practices and promote supportive yet constructive atmospheres. He currently sits on the TESL Toronto executive board as President.

Interview 1: Vicky Loras

About Vicky Loras

Vicky Loras is an English Teacher, born in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. She has been teaching English as a foreign language and literature to students of all ages, for over 15 years. She now lives in Switzerland and is the co-founder and owner of The Loras English Network, a school she opened with her sister Eugenia. They teach English, train teachers and also hold children’s events. Find her 30 Goal’s reflections here, and follow her on Twitter, @VickyLoras

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