2011 Goals

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Over 9000 educators have joined the The 30 Goals Challenge since January 2010. You have the opportunity to join our community in accomplishing 1 to 30 goals throughout the year. These are short-term goals we reflect on and see how they help us aim towards long-term goals to make us better educators. We support each other through social networks- our Facebook groupYoutube,  Twitter (#30GoalsEdu), and blogs.

The 2011 Cycle

Lisa Dabb’s (@TeachingwthSoul) collaborated with me in this cycle to support new teachers accomplishing the 30 goals. You can find her podcasts and posts at Teaching With Soul. Lisa was an inspiration and is known for mentoring new teachers regularly through #NTChat. This year we also included vodcasts (video reflections) and podcasts. Listen to these for free!

The 2011 Challenges

Congratulations on endearing this journey with me. Here is a list of all the goals we have accomplished together for this cycle.

0 thoughts on “2011 Goals

  1. OK, I’m ready to tackle this thing! Let’s go!
    (Christina DiMicelli)

  2. Hey Shelly …
    I’ve been thinking about a way to get back into the blogging world now that my MSS is turned in. You’ve given me a great spark. I’m jumping on board.

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  4. Love the challenge! and From Colombia count me in! .. I´m sharing with others the challenge!

  5. Ok, I am ready to take the plunge and start this challenge in order to re-energize myself as well as the teachers with whom I teach! After a rough start to the new year I think this is something we all can use and utilize not only to ignite our spark but also the sparks of our students!

  6. I’m in! ! ! I’ve been looking for a way to add spark back to my teaching. I truly love my job but worry that the students I teach not being “techy enough” when they leave me each summer. I wonder if I did enough to help them be successful in their futures. So, I’m in and I look forward to a great journey.

  7. I’ve seen this idea for a while on Twitter, but I did not dive into finding out what it was all about until today. Thank you for the information. I’ve decided to not only take the challenge myself … starting today! … but also extend it to my district followers on my email conference site. I will blog my results as well as their results in an effort to “carry the baton” in my area of influence. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Ready to join the challenge!

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  10. Just started a new website (mrsreckling.com)
    I think I am a bit late, but would love to join the challenge… this is just what I need to get things going 🙂 I am assuming the order I go about the challenge doesn’t matter…. Here we go! 🙂

  11. I’m a bit late in joining, but I’m ready to begin!

  12. Hello Shelly!
    Never too late?! LOL
    “not enough time” and “too busy” just don’t cut it for excuses anymore — I witness too many others who have ‘lots on their plate’ and still manage. With so much inspiration around, I should be able to come through this time?!
    Hoping to review 2010’s 30 challenges and then join in here, too — learning and contributing as I go!

  13. Goal 28, is a challenge near and dear to my heart. I also believe that many problems which arise on social media are dealt with in response to a problem. I would like to see a greater proactive education to help prevent and lessen the number of issues associated with the use of social media by students.

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