What Did They Tweet? 8/11-8/16

As we enter our classrooms again we must remember the digital footprint we have left behind as Ruth Cohenson (@tearoof) reminds us in this Tweet! If you have been using Twitter as often as I have, then you must have 1000s of tweets in as a little as a few months! Imagine for a minute […]

What Did They Tweet? 8/04-8/08

The school year is here, which means educators need to be encouraged and fed continuously through their Personal Learning Network (PLN). Right now, you are in an environment where you can incite change. However, many of us can become preoccupied with the madness that surrounds our professional calling! Listed are a few tweets to keep […]

What Did They Tweet? 7/27-8/03

Visitors, time zone changes, vacation, Master’s program… Unless you are a Twitteraholic you probably miss several great tweets within the week. Here are a few of my favorite tweets that have engaged me or helped me find a useful link! Moreover, I hope this weekly series shows you how to engage others with your tweets, […]

What Did They Tweet?

Every week on Twitter I mark a series of tweets as favorites. These are tweets that have either interesting links, encourage thought-provoking conversations, spark some sentiment within me, or need to be read more thoroughly. My Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter is full of educators who consistently engage me in conversation. These individuals ignite […]