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New makeover

Dear Reader,
I began this blog on May 26, 2009. Thank you for joining me on this journey. In a quest to continually improve the way in which we interact, I have changed the mission, look, and name of the blog to Teacher Reboot Camp. Sometimes we need a reboot so we can regain our passion, test out tools and instructional practices, and be inspired by other educational stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, admin, authors, SMEs, and thought leaders).

Mission Statement

“Let’s collaborate on strategies for engaging all our students through effective instructional methods and technology.”

Primarily, I am an English language teacher. So why doesn’t my blog focus on English language materials? For years, I worked in a high school as the English as a Second Language senior instructor. This job meant that I was in charge of the thirty plus English language learners (ELLs) in the high school who came from over 12 different countries and were at various levels of English proficiency. My position required me to collaborate with mainstream educators in meeting the learning needs of the ELLs. When my students began to fail some of the classes, I was allowed to sit in and keep observation journals of the instructional methods used and how the ELLs responded. My observations spurred me to write this blog.
When the teachers only lectured, the students failed. For example, in one class the teacher only lectured and required students to take notes. No visual aids were provided. Furthermore, the tests were based on the lecture and not on the book. Therefore, my beginner and intermediate level students were not able to pass this class. The teacher did not want to listen to any advice on ways to improve the lessons for all students and not just ELLs. Instead, the teacher requested that my students be moved into another class, because they had no business in his class. I have had enough of these experiences and felt a blog educating teachers on various technologies and methodologies that benefit all learners works best! I believe teachers should facilitate, differentiate instruction, make lessons engaging, teach students to problem solve using technology, create dynamic teaching environments, and have socially and culturally responsible lessons. All students’ needs are more likely to be met in this type of environment. When I collaborate with teachers who already do this then ELLs’ learning needs are met and amazing accomplishments are made. For example, several of my ELLs won awards for their involvement in speech contests, writing contests, robotic club challenges, art contests, athletics, and so much more. The ELLs at my school all graduated from high school and are attending universities! These accomplishments were due to general education teachers who were willing to use progressive methodologies to help all students.
Thank you for all your support!

My challenge:

To better serve teachers, students, and anyone invested in transforming the lives of those we teach!


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  1. 1

    Hi Shelly. I just bumped into your blog yesterday and I’m very exicted to collaborate with you as much as possible.
    I teach ELL in Montevideo, Uruguay. I’ve started a blog myself along with my boyfriend, who is also a teacher, and we love it. Still feel there’s so much to learn!
    Love you mission and believe it’s worth following your posts!
    Hugs from Montevideo,

  2. 2

    Hi Shelly,
    I love the layout and information on your blog. You are really demonstrating how rewarding teaching can be.

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