Virtual Student Jobs, Roles, and Duties

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Students love being trusted with responsibility. They want to help. When students help you allow their peers to celebrate them and learn from them. During remote and distance learning student helpers can really help you manage a lot more. Below are ways to allow students to help you. I’ve used these tips and resources this year and student helpers have really helped make hybrid and virtual learning run more smoothly.

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Student Video Conference Jobs

The following are my student Zoom jobs. I should note a few things:

  • I rotate the co-hosts by checking off names on a checklist.
  • I try to pair those with weak wifi with strong wifi.
  • I don’t have these jobs every session.
  • Mostly, I assign a few co-hosts who take on these responsibilities.
  • I also don’t try to use this as a reward system. Students don’t have to meet a requirement like passing, etc.

The student video conference job list:
? Co-hosts let peers in and get them caught up.
? Password sharers (Nearpod, Pearldeck, or other tool codes)
? Exit ticket checkers make sure that peers complete the exit ticket and to remind early finishers to review spelling and grammar.
? Brain break leaders- any student can submit a brain break and choose to lead others in the brain break
? Tech support are students who understand the technology right away and can be put in a breakout room to help others with skills like coding, completing a Google Slide, or cropping. They don’t help with wifi or compatibility related issues.
? Summarizers repeat instructions or write down in the chat what I need others to copy in their notes or summarize a main learning point at the end of the lesson. The summarizer just begins the process and others contribute after.
? Notetaker checkers check Zoom windows to make sure students took notes.

Breakout Room Roles and Responsibilities

I’ve adapted this slide of student group roles in breakout rooms by @edutrace.

I also have adapted and used this slide for breakout room choices by Esther Park (@MrsParkShine).

Find more information about making intentional breakout rooms in Zoom in this post by Jen Wagner.

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