Create and Send Meaningful Greetings

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Part of the December 2020 STEM Resources Digital Calendar!

This year we could all use some cheer! One way to uplift students and others is to create and send digital greetings. Your students can express gratitude and care for peers, family members, teachers, and school staff by creating and sending greetings virtually. Students can also participate in digital greeting exchanges with students in other cities or countries. Another idea is to connect with local organizations that will deliver greetings to vets, deployed troops, hospital patients, first responders, homeless shelters, or firefighters. Creating and sending greetings teaches students kindness and compassion as well as enhances their reading, writing, and technology applications skills. Students also enhance their knowledge of using a digital tool to layout, design, edit, and publish a personalized creation. Check out the free web tools and apps below to get students started!

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Tools, Apps, and Resources to Create and Send Greetings

  • Buncee (web/iOS)- Teachers can create a free account for 30 days and create logins and passwords for each student. Students can create and send incredible digital greetings or print them.  To save time students can edit one of the several templates or create their own from scratch by choosing from a free library of stickers, animations, stock images, videos, backgrounds, fonts, frames and more. Students can also participate in the project, Holiday Hugs from Buncee, and create Buncees for children who will be spending their holidays in a hospital. Buncee has partnered with children’s hospitals from around the world.
  • Canva (web/iOS/Android)- Register for free and access several greeting card templates, beautiful fonts, stickers and icons. Several of the images, stickers and frames need to be purchased, but students can upload images for free.
  • Pic-Collage (iOS/Android/Microsoft)- Students can choose from festive backgrounds and add photos, text, and stickers.
  • Sincerely Ink (web/iOS/Android)- Students choose from professional greeting card templates, can upload their own photos, and add text.
  • Chatterpix for Kids (iOS)-Students will have a ton of fun uploading an image and making it talk. Students record an audio greeting then decorate the image with holiday stickers and frames.
  • Magisto (iOS/Android)- Students create an animated video greeting with uploaded photos and can choose music from their library. Students can also work from one of the holiday templates.
  • Design Wizard-a simple online graphic design tool for creating digital greetings with templates.

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