Send Students on a Virtual Field Trip to Disney World with Their Bitmoji Teachers! Free Template!

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A friend of mine, Kris Felicello recently shared a virtual field trip to Disney World created by a kindergarten teacher, Gabrielle DeLucia. She used her Bitmoji avatar and embedded an audio file to act as a guide. I was really inspired and created my very own Bitmoji virtual school field trip to Disney World with some of our elementary teachers. I believe this is such a fun and engaging way to close out the school year. You can also send your students on a virtual field trip to Disney World with their teachers. It won’t take long at all to set up, because I made a Google Slides template you can copy and edit as you like. The template also includes instructions to quickly add your Bitmoji with the Bitmoji chrome extension and quickly add audio using Vocaroo. With these tools and the template you can create your virtual class field trip in less than 30 minutes! Below are the resources, examples, and the instructions. Be sure to also check out my Wakelet of free templates and tutorials to create your own Bitmoji virtual classrooms.

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My Virtual Class Field Trip to Disney World

Below you can see the virtual class field trip to Disney World I created. Just click the Mickey Mouse ears. My teachers were so awesome to send me their Bitmojis to include. In the original I added their names. The map was created with a template provided by Amanda Sandoval (@HistorySandavol), who I definitely recommend following, because she shares so many amazing free Google Slides templates.

Bitmoji Virtual Field Trip Template and Resources

Create your own virtual field trip to Disney World or another destination in minutes. This is what you will need:

  • My free Google Slides Bitmoji Virtual Field Trip template. Click here then click Use Template. Instructions and tutorials are included in the second slide which you can delete when finished. Feel free to edit anyway you need!
  • Install the free Bitmoji Chrome extension and create a free account if you haven’t already so you can quickly add your avatar to the slides.
  • You can add audio clips with Vocaroo. Just record then download and upload to your Google Drive then choose Insert then Audio then the file. Click here for a video tutorial.
  • When you are finished go to the File tab then click Publish to the web and share the link generated so your students get the full experience! Click here for a video tutorial.

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