Express Learning with Animated Character Videos!

Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar!

A fun way and safe way for students to share their knowledge is through animated character videos. The web tools below will get your students started with creating these videos. Students will be able to choose characters and in some cases create them. They will also have access to a library full of templates, frames, effects and more to create incredibly imaginative video projects. Some ideas is for students to create a tv commercial, book trailer, digital story, information video, or Public Service Announcement.

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Tools and Apps

  • Toontastic is an Android and iOS app for creating videos with fun 3D characters designed by your students.
  • Plotagon is an Android, iOS app and web tool for creating animated videos by choosing a scene, creating and adding actors, and writing the dialogue.
  • Powtoon is a web tool to create fun animated videos with a library of music, text, and characters to choose from or upload images.
  • Puppet Pals is an iOS app for creating short videos with fun characters students animate with voice and movement. The scene is set as a play. Upload your own photos.
  • Wideo is a web tool that also works on Chromebooks. Create videos with uploaded images, animations, and add audio.
  • Zimmer Twins– Make a cartoon featuring the Zimmer twins,  type in the dialogue, choose a background scene, and create a fun movie.
  • Dvolver– Create a short film and choose from their library of characters, backgrounds, and props. You have to enable flash for this to work.

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