Document Learning in a Digital Portfolio

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Digital portfolios are powerful learning tools for students of all ages. A digital portfolio allows students to upload and keep a record of work over time and share this work with family members and school staff regularly. When students regularly look back and reflect on their work they are able to see what they have accomplished and set goals for improvement. In this way portfolios facilitate ownership of learning, goal-setting, and growth mindset. In order to gain confidence in their abilities students need to celebrate their learning, hard work, creativity, and accomplishments throughout their learning journey. The digital portfolio tools below help students document their work in multiple ways and also can be used throughout a student’s learning journey. This way students are able to show colleges, scholarship committees, and future employers evidence of their skills, talents, innovation, creativity and accomplishments. I’ve also included a slide presentation that shows the process of learning with digital portfolios.

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Digital Portfolios for Student Reflection from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Digital Portfolio Tips, Tools and Resources

  • Start with goals! Find student goal templates for students of any age to fill out here.
  • Benchmark at regular intervals, such as progress report time, with student led conferences.
  • My elementary students love their Seesaw digital portfolios. Seesaw is safe for K12 institutions and we are able to access the portfolios on multiple devices. Students can upload photos of their work, draw, annotate, record videos, record audio, and more! Parents, peers, and teachers can comment on student work.
  • I’ve also had college students document their work using Google Slides (click for a free template your students can copy/edit), Padlet, and Pinterest.
  • Other suggested tools, include Livebinders, Google Sites, Weebly, Mahara, Showbie, Bulb, and Pathbrite.

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