Motivate Students with Digital Badges

Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar!

Motivate students with digital badges. The Mac Arthur Foundation defines a digital badge as “an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online. Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings.” A digital badge looks similar to a Girl Scout or Boy Scout patch. The badge is small with icons and awarded when the student accomplishes a specified task or demonstrates great skill. Students can attach evidence to their digital badges and display their badges on a digital badging platform or upload them to a portfolio or website. Digital badging helps teachers recognize skills not usually highlighted in a report card or transcript, such as great leadership, collaboration, citizenship, creativity, and innovation. The tools below are free and will help you get started designing and awarding digital badges.

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Digital Badging Creation Tools and Platforms

  • Make Badges– Teachers and students can quickly design a badge with a choice of shapes, icons, colors, and borders. Students download their badges as png files. No registration is required. The platform does not save the badges.
  • Classic Badge Maker– Teachers and students need to post an email address to access this badge builder. This can be any email address. Students design their badges with a choice of icons, banners, fonts, and shapes. Students download the badge as a png file. The platform does not save the badges.
  • Credly– Teachers and students register for free to build, issue, manage, and display digital badges. Students can quickly create a digital badge and save the badge to the platform. They can choose to award the badge via email or a confirmation number. Receivers must have a Credly account to receive the badge.
  • You can also easily create digital badges with Canva, a graphic design platform, Google Draw, and many other graphic design tools.
  • Badgelist– Another free badging platform and portfolio where students and teachers register to award and receive badges. Teachers can create groups.
  • ForAllRubrics– Teachers can easily create and award standards-aligned rubrics, checklists and badges with evidence.

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