Comic Creation Tools to Engage Learners

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Students of all ages enjoy learning with comics and creating comics. When students create comics they use props, scenery, dialogue, text, and characters to visualize and contextualize vocabulary and knowledge. The free comic creation tools below are easy to use and allow learners to choose from a library of characters, props, scenes, and templates to visualize a word problem, retell a moment in history, illustrate science, explain a theory, or make up their own story. I’ve also included a slide presentation with more ideas and examples.

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Comics for Fun Learning from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Comic Creation Tools

  • Make Beliefs Comix– Web tool and iPad app. Create comics in multiple languages. Students can choose from a variety of characters, props, scenes, and expressions. No registration required. Also find 350+ free printables for teachers.
  • Storybird– Simple way for students to create a comic in 20 minutes or less about a cartoon blue bird. Choose which bird artwork you like then students simply fill out the dialogue in the different panels.
  • Pixton– on the web and an iOS and Android app to create comics. Has a library of characters, frames, and backgrounds.
  • Book Creator– iOS and Chrome app to create digital books, including comic books. Students can collaborate on a comic. One idea is to create a class comic book and have each student contribute a page.
  • Witty Comics– Great for political cartoons. Simple and easy to use. No registration required.
  • Phrase It– Add speech bubbles to pictures.
  • StoryBoardThat– Create comics or storyboards. Free 14 day trial.
  • Read Write Think Comic Creator– Created for education. Online interactive that ties in learning objectives. No registration required.
  • Write Comics– A simple comic creation tool. No registration required.
  • Buncee– A digital storytelling and presentation web tool and iOS app with comic templates and a library of characters, fonts, stickers, and more!

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