Fun Video Project! Produce a TV Commercial for an Invention

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In a previous post I outlined my 6 step process for implementing digital projects (1. Evaluate an example, 2. Assign the mission, 3. Students carryout the mission, 4. Peer edit, 5. Share the mission, and 6. Feedback/evaluation). In upcoming posts I will be sharing some of my student projects to give you ideas for the upcoming year. In the following project students produce a TV commercial marketing their inventions. Students don’t actually create an invention, instead they  come up with ideas to enhance a current invention to make their lives easier (the mission).
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Project Overview

Mission– Improve a tool or invention you currently use to make people’s lives easier then produce a short television commercial selling your product to  your intended audience.
  • Students evaluate commercials and write down the elements and language they observe as well as techniques they notice for persuading an audience to buy the product.
  • Ideally, students should come up with a list of criteria that makes a compelling television commercial. Then turn a version of this list into a rubric for students to evaluate their peers’ video commercials and for you to evaluate their projects. Students might consider the following:
    • Invention- Who is the audience that would find this invention useful? How does the invention improve lives? How user-friendly is the invention? How useful/innovative is the invention? How does it make life easier?
    • Marketing-Does the commercial clearly and concisely describe the invention? How? How does the commercial try to persuade the audience to purchase the invention? Is a story tied to marketing the product? Does the language and other elements appeal to the intended audience?
    • Production- Do the visuals, dialogue, music, effects, and production appeal to the intended audience and help sell the invention or are they unrelated or unclear in anyway? Is the font readable?
  • Students complete this storyboard template describing the invention and planning their commercials. Feel free to copy the template and edit as you like!
  • Students are provided with a list of free video recording and editing tools (, PowtoonKapwingWideoWeVideoTouch CastMy Simple Show, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker), but they are free to use any video recorder and editor.
  • Find more tips and resources for student video projects here.
  • Find out more about mission minded learning in my book, Hacking Digital Learning with EdTech Missions.

Student Storyboards

Students are allowed to draw or use copyright-friendly images in their storyboards. Find a list of public domain and creative common image websites here.

Student TV Commercials

Below are examples of my students’ commercials using different web tools. The Smartie Pen (iMovie/Vimeo) The Smartie Pen -Video commericial project from Esther Seo on Vimeo. Cinco Cup of Coffee (Powtoon) The Magiquill Pen (PowerDirector) The Book That Reads You (Animoto) Challenge: Get students to storyboard and produce a video commercial.

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