A Class Finale They Won't Forget! 15+ Ideas & Resources

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“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Carl W. Buehner

Many teachers will soon say bye to their learners. In the few days you have left with your learners take the opportunity to leave them with fond memories and knowing you believe in them. This may be difficult, especially when your students are restless. However, you still have time to end the year meaningfully by getting students to reflect, express gratitudes, cultivate relationships with their peers, play, and explore the world. Below, are tips, resources, and ideas to help you end the year making a lasting impression. Need Continuing Education Credits or engaging professional development? Check out my new online fully accredited courses, TESOL Methodologies or Connected Educators.

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End of the Year Activities! from Shelly Sanchez Terrell


  • Let students know you believe in them by writing them a farewell letter like this one or create a goodbye slideshow.
  • Students can reflect by creating a digital portfolio. Have students use my free template to finish in 1 class period that you can edit as needed!
  • Students can watch and write their own commencement speeches.
  • Get learners to play and move. Use GoNoodle.com for 5 minute brain breaks in class that get you and the students moving.
  • Students provide advice to future students. Check out this Sway Presentation by @AnthippiHarou of 5th graders providing advice to the students taking the class next year.

  • Students can reflect on goals and set some goals for the summer in a vision board or goal poster.
  • Create a digital magazine or newspaper of their favorite moments and memories. Try Issuu, Flipsnack, these Google newspaper templates, or these resources.
  • Students can make a teacher appreciation video, magazine, or slideshow.
  • End the year with a short live presentation that is 6 minutes or less. Try having them share their passion in a TedTalk, Ignite, or Pecha Kucha format.
  • Learn outdoors. Check out my STEAM/STEM outdoor activities.
  • Play games or get students to create their own games. Check out my game based resources.
  • Learn from a guest expert physically or virtually! Skype has a list of guest experts you can find here.
  • Make a video together, such as lip dubs, a farewell video, or memories video. Find my video projects resources here.
  • Students can explore the world with virtual field trips. Try these resources.
  • Integrate humor in lessons. Find ideas in my post about integrating humor.

Challenge: Try one of these resources to end the year meaningfully!

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