Raising Resilient and Fierce Women

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”- William Shakespeare

I am a new mommy of an incredibly curious, brave, and happy 14 month year-old daughter. I wish I could continue to keep her experiencing the world this way. However, I know as a minority woman innovating and trying to make a difference in the world the journey is extremely difficult, often mean, and in some cases dangerous. That is why it is no surprise that the research has found that few minorities and women pursue STEM careers and those who do often quit. To ensure my daughter continues her journey to brilliance, I know passion and intelligence isn’t enough. She will need resilience, fierceness, and continuous support and mentorship from other women. I am sharing these ideas and more in an upcoming keynote, The Path of the EdSHEro, for the free online conference, EFL Talks: Inspiring Women in ELT, on March 10 and 11th. Join the online web platform during the time to see 24 women in education delivering inspirational messages in 10 minutes with only 10 slides. Below is the description and my slides.
Keynote- A Rock and a Diamond: The Path of the Ed SHE-ro
EdShero is a term Sarah Thomas (@Sarahdateechur) and I came up with to recognize the women who transform education with their passion and resilience. We need more women willing to weather the tough path it takes to make a meaningful impact on the world with their brilliance. I will share tips to inspire current and future EdSheroes to continue the journey and mentor younger women to lessen the gender gap.

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Challenge:  Attend the EFL Talks: Inspiring Women in ELT conference this weekend.

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