8 Apps and Web Tools That'll Get You Talking and Laughing

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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss

Humor is an effective way to reach students, especially if they struggle with understanding difficult concepts or theories. Humor can also help students pay attention to boring or routine facts and drills. One way to add some humor to your lessons is by getting students to use web tools and apps which get them to animate drawings or images with talking mouths. Students simply upload a drawing or photo then draw a mouth and record themselves speaking. The drawing comes to life, often with funny voices, and expresses what they’ve learned. Seems like nonsense but trust me it’ll get your students laughing and having fun, while learning! Check out the web tools and apps below to get started.

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Fun Web Tools and Apps

  • The YakItforKids (iOS)  app allows students to add a mouth to more than one slide of images. This way they can create a fun presentation or story! Decorate with holiday stickers, frames, and effects.
  • The Chatterpix for Kids (iOS) apps only allows one mouth to one photo or drawing.  Decorate with holiday stickers, frames, and effects.
  • Blabberize is a web tool. In 30 seconds add a talking mouth to your drawings or photos.
  • If you like the Annoying Orange then you’ll love the Funny Movie Maker (iOS) app which lets you create a video of any character or image by adding a mouth that looks like the one on the Annoying Orange.
  • Verbalizer Lite is an Android app which also lets you animate an image or characters with a talking mouth and send the video to friends. Only works on specific Android devices.
  • MouthOff (iOS/Android), Mouth Mover (iOS), and HelloZoo Lite (iOS/Android) are apps which students can use to first choose a funny or scary mouth then place over their own mouths. When the student speaks the chosen mouth moves to the voice rhythm.
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