12 Web Tools and Apps for Children to Create Digital Storybooks

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“It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” – Patrick Rothfuss

Children have an amazing imagination! A powerful way to motivate children to read and write is by getting them to animate their stories in a digital storybook. Web tools digitally preserve stories and make it easy for learners to share with peers and family members. Below I’ve listed free web tools and apps for creating digital storybooks.

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Digital Storybook Creators

  • Little Bird Tales– Include images, audio narrative, and drawings to animate written stories.
  • Storybird– Create digital books with a selection of characters and backgrounds created by professional artists.
  • Toon Doo– Create books online with a selection of cartoon characters and backgrounds.
  • My Storybook– Simple way to visualize a story with drawings, images, characters, and more.
  • Storyjumper– Choose characters and backgrounds to visualize a written story. Not able to embed.
  • BoomWriter– Create collaborative class storybooks. Features include peer editing and a voting process.
  • Book Creator– iOS and Android app to create digital books and include images, audio, video, and more.
  • Buncee– Web tool and iOS app to create digital storybooks with animations, stickers, images, and clipart.
  • UTellStory– Create a digital story with photos, video, voice, music and words.
  • StoryKit (iOS)– Children can draw, upload images, record their voice, and lay out the elements of the story (text boxes, images, paint, and sound clips). The application includes four public domain children’s books to rewrite and rearrange into a new story.
  • StoryBots– create books on the iPad starring the child!
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