Interview with Jon Samuelson, @JonSamuelson: Digital Reporters!

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Each mission in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions, shares an example of the Mission in Action by a teacher I admire. When I was writing the Mission: Seek and Preserve the Truth, I immediately thought about edtech guru and good friend, Jon Samuelson, @JonSamuelson. Jon is the Innovation Strategist for the Beaverton K12 School District in Oregon. Each year his district hosts an incredible event that recognizes their K12 students’ creative productions, the Signal to Noise Festival! I caught up with Jon this week and asked him to share insights about getting students to create news broadcasts and other inspiring video productions.


Jon Samuelson is the creator of the Techlandia, STEAM Team, and Grumpy Old Teachers podcasts. Jon has been an educator for over twenty years and has presented and keynoted at conferences around the United States, sharing his love of mobile learning and educational technology. Jon constantly strives to learn and share ideas with educators. He currently works as an Innovation Strategist for the Beaverton School District. My daughter, Savvy, got to meet Jon at ISTE 2017. Follow him @JonSamuelson.

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