Reflecting on Digital Identity and Footprints! #EdtechMissions

Our learners become citizens of the digital world as toddlers or younger. They create digital avatars and profiles as part of their membership to online games or online communities. Sometimes their parents create their online profiles for them or the children create profiles for their dolls or toys. These profiles and memberships come with responsibilities, which are often outlined in small print in the Terms of Service few read or consider. Our learners need to realize their digital acts (vote, share, post, image, comment, etc.) impact the online communities they take part in. We need to help parents discuss citizenship regularly with their children and we also need to help our learners reflect on the significance of citizenship. In my book, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions, each mission gets students to take ownership of their citizenship and strive to make meaningful digital foot trails.
In today’s #EdtechMissions chat we exchanged ideas on helping parents better support their children through ParentCamp and Parent University. We also talked about better ways to help students reflect on digital identity. Find the archive of the chat below with tips and insights. I invite you to join us for next Sunday’s #EdtechMissions chat (Topic: Teaching Social Media Use to our Students with Guest Host, Kelly Jake Duncan, @JKDNCN). We meet from 10amET (2pmUTC) to 10:30amET (2:30pmUTC) (click for more time zones). If you are new to Twitter chats then check out, A Quick Start Guide to Participating in a Twitter Chat.

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