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I don’t work at a learning institution that uses Google Classroom, but I do require students to sign up for a Google account. With a Google Drive account, students and teachers have access to incredible time-saving studying features and tools. These features make it easy to support learners with special needs, language learners, or promote student autonomy.
This year I decided to introduce students to the Add-ons in Google Docs instead of Google Chrome extensions. We just had too many problems with installation and permissions from the network administrators. Additionally, many of the great extensions require registration, which is a hassle. Many Add-ons are free and require no registration. Instead, students and teachers allow access to their Google account. To access, simply click the Add-on tab and click Launch. The Add-on appears on the sidebar. Below is a video tutorial on how this process works. Find Add-ons for math, writing, grammar, grading, MLA formatting, text-to-speech, and so much more! Below find recommendations for some awesome free Add-ons that require no registration.

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Recommended Add-Ons

  • Grackle Marks is one of my favorite add-ons we are using this year to annotate, note-take, and peer edit work. You have access to quick highlighting and commenting.
  • Grade Proof AI is a basic grammar and spelling check that identifies some errors. No grammar check really catches all errors, but this one does a good job of identifying and explaining the error. Students decide to fix the errors with the recommendations. No registration is required unlike many of the other grammar checks.
  • MLA Formatting- Students no longer need to struggle with MLA format. This add-on automatically format their papers into MLA format.
  • Mindmeister- Quickly turn any bulleted list into a mind map.
  • Word Cloud Generator- Quickly create word clouds with the text in any Google Doc.
  • URL Shortener- Quickly create a short url for any document, spreadsheet, or form.
  • DocuTube- Do you like to create video lessons or flip instruction? Any YouTube video link in your document will play in the sidebar. You never have to leave the Google Doc with the questions, notes, or activities.
  • DocAssist- Create rubrics for student work in Google Docs and easily grade with a rubric. Add text or audio comments. Students receive a pdf with these comments.
  • Business Hangouts- Create a quick video chat for any Google Doc to aid in the collaboration of global collaboration projects or group work.
  • Template Gallery- Access tons of templates for creating schedules, calendars, grading, and so much more.

Challenge: Introduce your learners to Add-ons or use some to save you time!

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