Savvy's Interviews: Badge Summit, Finland, & #PassTheScopeEDU

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Today Savvy conducted her pre-ISTE interviews at the Badge Summit. Thank you to organizer, Noah Geisel, and his team for putting together such an awesome event with speakers worldwide. Below, watch the live video interviews baby Savvy conducted with Noah Geisel and Derek Larson who talk about why digital badges and#PassTheScopeEDU. We also managed to record Derek Larson‘s interview with Eric Rousselle from Finland. He talked about digital badging and the Finnish education system. Baby Savvy will be conducting live interviews for the rest of ISTE. Just follow @ShellTerrell or check out continuous live streams of all of ISTE on the hashtag, #PassTheScopeEDU. Valerie Lewis (@IAmVLewis) has organized a great team of Periscopers at ISTE, such as Derek Larson, Brian Romero, Claudio Zavala and others.

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Noah Geisel: Why Digital Badges?

Derek Larson: #PassTheScopeEDU

Derek Larson Interviews Eric Rousselle: Digital Badges and Finland

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