Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with These Resources!

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“The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources -because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

An important part of learning is introducing students to various cultures and traditions. September 15 to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month and provides a great opportunity for your students to learn about Latino history, traditions, music, culture, authors, poets, and artists. Your students can learn about famous latinos, read books about the culture, have web chats with prominent hispanic figures or with students who introduce them to the culture. Below are resources to be able to help your students learn more about Hispanic culture and history. Download a free pdf of the slides from my recent presentation. Find this post also on the American TESOL blog. If you like these ideas then be sure to check out my new book published this summer with more ideas, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom.

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Recommended Websites

  • The Hispanic Heritage site offers various resources, such as fun facts, events, and history.
  • Check out this interactive timeline of Hispanic Heritage then have your learners create one with any of our recommended timeline creation tools.
  • The Soy Yo music video is an ode to young Hispanic girls and a great conversation starter and lesson for language learners that are adolescents. It is in Spanish. You can have students translate the video, talk about their childhoods, bullying, and many more topics. I recommend playing the video first without any sound and looking at each scenario in the video and talk about what is happening in each scene. The video shows a young awkward stages in adolescents life. Your students can work in pairs and write what each scene is about or you can have a class discussion about this. Then play the video with the song and you can ask about the beat and if they like the sound.
  • PBS has video lesson plans based on Latino Americans. These lesson plans include videos and pdfs of student activities.
  • Scholastic has a Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Guide for Teachers and lessons for toddlers to adolescents (pre-k to 8th grade).
  • The Smithsonian has various resources about exhibits recommended for Hispanic Heritage month. They have downloadable posters and lesson plans.
  • Color in Colorado has various online and printable games for children, podcasts, and book lists for young learners.
  • The Library of Congress has various images of famous Latinos and videos about the history.
  • Also, check out the Smithsonian Latino Center with a virtual museum and bilingual materials.
  • The National Education Association has Hispanic Heritage month lesson plans for K-5, grades 6-8, and high school. The lesson plans cover culture, history, famous people, and tolerance.
  • The National Park Service has lesson plans for Hispanic Heritage month.
  • Check out the creative lesson plans and projects for Hispanic Heritage month at Education World.
  • Teacher vision has several resources, including many craft ideas for young learners like making drums, maracas, and turntables. There are some great ideas for learning with Latino music.
  • Read Write Think has various resources including lesson plans for Latino poetry and investigating names.

Challenge: Try one of these resources this year to introduce students to Hispanic Heritage.

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