Top Hashtags to Get The Skinny on What's Happening in Edtech

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“The hashtag, that ubiquitous pound sign followed by a keyword, are part of the language of social media.”- Neil Patel, Forbes

Technology is vastly changing the way we communicate and learn. I find it fascinating and love seeing how educators use technology in innovative ways to transform their instructional practice and provide students with access to the world. Many people ask me how I keep up with the latest technology trends and find so many resources to share on Twitter (@ShellTerrell), my weekly webinars, or on this blog. One way is by following the different hashtags related to education technology. Hashtags (text with a # sign front) are found all over social media and will provide you with the latest technology news, apps, blog posts, and real examples of how teachers use different technologies. Below are 22 of my favorite hashtags to explore on Twitter related to education technology. To learn more about the hashtags shown below and access the resources, check out my post on Noodle Education, Follow These 14 Hashtags for Education Technology Updates. If you like these ideas then be sure to check out my new book published in August 2017 with more ideas, Hacking Digital Learning Strategies: 10 Ways to Launch EdTech Missions in Your Classroom.
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