Flipping Instruction for Struggling Students

“The “Flipped Classroom” starts with one question: what is the best use of my face-to-face class time?” – Jonathan Bergmann

We can flip the traditional model of instruction to help support all our students! We can get students to learn at home with engaging content and show them how to use web tools and apps to seek help. When our students come back to the classroom, they will have the foundational knowledge to add to discussions or complete activities. In this way, we maximize our class time to observe students using their knowledge and supporting them where they struggle. To discover the history of Flipped Classrooms, see this infographic. Below are tips, ideas, and a slide presentation (download the pdf) to help you flip your classes and ensure all your students know how to receive the individual help they need. This presentation is part of my upcoming webinar for Simple K12 that you can view live on Sat., Oct. 3rd at 11amEST/4pmUK! 

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Tips and Resources

  • Video doesn’t have to be the only option! Try getting your students instead to learn about the topic with podcasts, infographics (Piktochart, Easel.ly, Visme, and Canva), games, scavenger hunts, interactives (ReadWriteThink), tutorials or how to manuals (Howtoons), simulations, case studies, digital scrapbooks, mindmaps (Mind42, Wiki Mindmap), virtual trips, interactive timelines (Timetoast, MyHistro), ezines (Issuu), or curated boards (Pinterest board, Educlipper board, or Blendspace)
  • If you do work with videos, try creating a playlist or video channel on video networks like Vimeo and Youtube. See my idioms playlist as an example.
  • Limit videos to 7 minutes or less and homework to 15 minutes or less.
  • Backchannel with tools like Padlet and Linoit, which allow your students to create sticky notes with links, text, images, audio, and video.  
  • You can have your students take quizzes for any Youtube video with Blubbr.tv.
  • Edpuzzle has many features to get your students to interact and learn from video instruction.
  • Embed videos on a virtual learning environment (VLE), a space on the web and also accessible on mobile devices, where students access the lessons or videos. These are a few free options-  Edmodo, Schoology, Educlipper, Google Classroom, Edublogs, Weebly, Moodle, Edubuncee, Blendspace, PBWorks, Wikispaces, and Haiku Learning.
  • Check out two of my wikis where I flipped instruction for my language learners. This one is the adult site and this one is the children’s site.
  • Offer a choice of activities on your VLE!
  • Find video lessons at Ed.ted.com, which has transcripts. Get your students to circle areas they find interesting or have questions about. Get them to also highlight then define words they don’t understand.
  • Helpful resources for struggling students-
  • Youtube transcripts
  • Discovery Education offers students many sites for homework help.
  • Rewordify helps students transform difficult to read texts into simpler words and also helps them define the words they don’t know.
  • Videonot.es is a tool for students to take notes with videos they watch. The notes are saved on their Google Drive accounts.  
  • Get students to sketchnote or mindmap the main points of the learning. They can keep a vocabulary list on the side with words they need to look up.
  • Find many video creation tools and apps here! Try some of these tools for creating instructional videos:
  • Create video tutorials or lessons with these whiteboard screen recording apps- Educreations.com, Show Me, Screen Chomp, and Explain Everything.
  • One of my favorite apps for creating videos is the Touchcast iOS App- Create interactive, clickable videos with a built-in teleprompter, green screen, visual filters, sound effects, titles and more
  • Search these Twitter hashtags to find more resources and blogs- #FlipChat, #Flipclass, #Flippedlearning, and #FlippedClassroom.
  • Todd Nesloney has great Flipped Class resources including a letter for parents and several webinar recordings.


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