How to be a Teacherpreneur!

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Social media is powerful and teachers are using it to spread their passion and transform education. Teacherpreneurship, teacher edupreneur, and edupreneur are just a few terms for educators who have been successful spreading their ideas! Teacherpreneurship is not just about branding and earning extra income. It is about sharing ideas and stories of what learning should be and helping teachers and their students embody this type of learning! Teacherpreneurship is having a passion and wrapping it in a message that is so powerful it inspires others to transform teaching and learning.
In 2009, I began my journey as a connected educator. Now, I am blessed to be able to share my passion daily with  teachers and students worldwide! In the first chapter of my book, The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers, I share how to create a vision statement as part of envisioning your greatness! Do you have a powerful message to improve teaching and learning? Discover how you can be an edupreneur in the infographic and 10 minute video below. I hope these tips will help you spread your ideas to enhance our field of education!

Challenge: Create your vision statement of what you’d like to accomplish this year and use one of these ideas to help you share this vision.

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