Goal: From the Heart to the Mind

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Welcome to Cycle 6 of The 30 Goals Challenge: Inspire Forward

“Emotion helps us screen, organize and prioritize the information that bombards us. It influences what information we find salient, relevant, convincing or memorable.” – Bandes & Salerno

Our newest goal for 2015 is from Larissa Albano from Italy!
Goal: From the heart to the mind: Teach through feelings and emotions
Achieve this goal by finding a short video with an emotional appeal, dealing with topics such as friendship or bullying. Then host a discussion or debate by posting questions or getting students to share examples.
After the discussion, get students to create posters or videos relating to the topic. Check out Larissa’s example video lesson plan, You Are More Beautiful Than You Think. Also, check out Larissa’s blog for more ideas about this goal. View her video to discover the inspiration behind the goal.

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11911037_882794315137079_149485328_nBio Larissa Albano is a CertTesol certified English teacher.
She started working in the language industry in 2009 as one-to-one language tutor in a school of languages in Rome. She set up her own language studio in her hometown in 2011. Since then she has been teaching children, teenagers and adults in small groups. She teaches without the support of course books because she prefers using the GTD method which involves the following three key elements: GAME, TECH and DAILY LIFE.  She believes in the continuing professional development, thus, she attends several seminars and webinars related to teaching English as a foreign language and interacts with a highly qualified PLN. Larissa loves sharing her teaching ideas and experiences with other teachers all over the world by blogging on Larissa’s Languages. Her blog won the British Council Teaching English Award For Innovative Teaching Ideas twice and has been nominated for the best teaching blog by several websites, such as Macmillan and Edublogs. Moreover, she is a Teaching English associate and writes posts for the British Council Teaching English blog.  She held her first TEFL workshop at the TESOL Italy’s 39th National Convention about teaching teenagers. Her motto is MAKING MISTAKES IS BETTER THAN NOT TRYING AT ALL!

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