Humor in the Classroom!

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I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. – Dr. Seuss

Often, you will see me include pictures of my pug in my webinars, keynotes, or profile pictures. I had few people question if this is professional. When I conduct classes- online and offline- I am more concerned with building relationships with my students and getting them to warm up to me. I find that laughter helps students get to know me and relaxes them when heavy duty learning that is stressful is involved. My classes are challenging and I require a lot of effort but I also need my students to be open to the content and motivated to learn. Humor also has helped ease my stress. It’s always a great teaching day when I get to laugh with my students. Recently, I published an article in the GO Teach magazine, LOL! Teacher! Using Humor to Enhance Student Learning. Click the link for a free digital version of the article. Below, find a slide presentation you can download with ideas included in the article, such as introducing a subject with jokes, using memes, choosing humorous content and more! Scroll to find a list of humorous apps for learning.

Teaching with Jokes Webinar Recording

Favorite Apps and Web Tools


Create a great learning atmosphere or interrupt the monotony by using humor effectively.

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Humor & Learning, by shellyterrell
Included in the Digital Ideas Advent Calendar! Scroll the image below and each day discover free web tools, apps, and resources.

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