The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators: Make the Difference

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Cycle 5 of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators begins with a new theme and a new format. We will still aim to achieve 1 to 30 goals of our choice by December 31st, 2014. These are small goals that are achievable in 1 day and lead to creating long-term rituals such as engaging parents, managing our classrooms better, and saving our sanity.
In the past, I (Shelly Sanchez Terrell) proposed all 30 goals but this year our participants will propose the majority of the goals. We will visit various participant blogs in a virtual road trip. We will begin in San Antonio, Texas with the first goal then travel to countries such as Greece, Spain, Canada, Turkey, the Czech Republic, France, Argentina, the US, and Brazil. We will learn about each participant, their teaching situations, enjoy meals from their areas, and learn more about the culture and conditions that impact their education systems. All the goals will help us “Make the Difference.” This is our new theme voted upon by the community and suggested by Sean Hampton-Cole of The Ideas Out There blog. Thank you for voting, participating, and welcome to the 2014 challenges. Soon, I will post the first goal and begin our road trip. Follow along virtually on our live map and join the Facebook group, If you’d like to be one of the stops on our virtual road trip, please fill out this form,

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