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“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” – Gustave Flaubert

This week I am in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, presenting at the GAETC conference. I had six sessions which you can read about here, Here are the resources for the Research on the Go with Mobile Devices session. I tried collaborative note-taking with the 400 audience. We all took notes on one Google Doc. Scary, I know! However, it ended up being a great experience and many helped create notes and stories. Check out the document here,


Download these slides!

My Favorite Resources

  • Kentucky Virtual Library
  • Favorite free research apps and mobile friendly tools- Flipboard (make a research magazine), Wikitude (Research via Augmented reality), Diigo (curate, aggregate, highlight, etc), PearlTrees, Listly, Symbaloo, Livebinders, Pinterest, EasyBib, Linoit, Padlet, PenUltimate, Popplet, Zite, Twitter, Ebsco Host, Evernote, Google (try Google Drive apps! Here’s a post with ideas!)

Find all these apps and bookmarks in this Pearl Tree,! It’s a free mindmap of links. You click a pearl and it’ll expand into the resource. Works on mobile devices.
Researching with ICTs in Integrating the Web / Shelly Sanchez Terrell (shellyterrell)
Cultivate your interests with Pearltrees for Android


Use one of these resources or ideas and share with me how the experience went with your learners.

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