The Importance of Learner Feedback: Interview with @Rosemerebard #30GoalsEDU

Interview 6 of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. Click the link to find out more about the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators.

For 2013, we are Hanging Out with some of the past and current participants of the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. Today, I had the pleasure of hanging with Rose Bard, who is one of the newest participants. Rose teaches in Brazil. She’s very insightful when it comes to reflective practice and learner feedback.  Watch the video interview and leave Rose a comment! Join our 30 Goals Facebook group for more updates from participants. The recorded video interviews are on this Youtube 30 Goals playlist.

A New Idea: Tagging Participants

I am letting you decide who I interview next by a tagging system. The way this will work is when I interview a current participant, that participant will have to name another current participant for me to interview next. Rose tagged Roseli Serra, a teacher from Brazil.

Interview 6: Rose Bard

About Rose Bard

I have been teaching English in private language schools since 1998. Ever since, a growing passion for teaching and learning led me to pursue a major in Pedagogy with emphasis on Early Childhood education. I have been working as an English educator for the past 5 years for SATC School, a great Educational Institute which has contributed greatly to technological development through education to our region. I work in the language center with all levels and ages and with the Project called UP in English. A project which aims to provide students (from 6th to 9th graders) the possibility to expand their oral skills by providing more hours of language practice during their school hours. My professional interests include English Language Learning and its challenges, Online Professional Development and the role of Technology in order to enhance authorship & language learning through dialogical process.
Twitter: @rosemerebard
Blog: Teaching Journal,

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