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I want to extend an apology to the members of my Personal/Passionate Learning Network (PLN). I really meant to post my nominations for the Edublog Awards but I didn’t get around to doing this, because I was drowning in work and have been traveling. However, I have been posting to my various social networks to encourage voting and extend support for the Edublog Awards. The point isn’t whether I win or not because I am super thankful for the recognition of several of the projects I participate in but the award isn’t what matters.

I support the Edublog Awards
Yes, I am supporting this awards system and this is why and some points I like to make for some of you who may criticize/think less of me for this decision…

  • Every person, project, and nomination on the Edublog Awards deserves recognition and financial support. I wish I could give it to them. I dare you to mention to me what/who isn’t on that list worthy of recognition.
  • Spreading the word worldwide about the great things that are happening in education is a noble and great thing
  • I believe in public relations that spread the word worldwide of the positive things we are doing in education because so much media focuses on the bad. The Edublog Awards does spread this news to tens of thousands if not millions online
  • Several members of my PLN after winning such an award have been booked for conferences, had their projects sponsored, been published in the media, received funding for their projects and support from their schools/parents to continue integrating technology
  • Here’s one example- http://traveloteacher.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-capetown.html My friend, Arjana’s Edublog Award is what put her project in the paper in her country and now she has been able to present her project in China, South Africa and other places. Why aren’t we spending our time recognizing these projects rather than wasting our breath complaining that adults can’t handle awards?
  • In every other prominent field they recognize incredible work with awards like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Tonys, Heismann, Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer, etc.
  • Doing away with the Edublog Awards won’t shelter our kids from the numerous award systems they will encounter in life so why don’t we model for them what it means to lose yet win and feel good celebrating another’s achievement
  • Just because I support the Edublog Awards doesn’t mean I have to support awards/grades for students in schools. Yes, I have read Alfie Kohn’s books and I do adhere and support a lot of what he says about award systems for kids, including grades but I don’t see why this means I can’t/shouldn’t support awards for my colleagues
  • Edublogs is a great education organization and has done so much for the education community as well as Steve Hargadon and Sue Waters who have transformed education with their work. If there were Nobel Peace Prizes for educators, both would receive one.

I implore you to think about this:

  • How many of you who publicly complain about the Edublogs Awards have publicly called out your favorite sports team, player, actor, singer, or author for accepting an award, yet feel so strongly calling out educators and making them feel guilty about enjoying recognition for the great work they are doing?
  • Why aren’t we spending time congratulating and supporting each other in our grand endeavors to better education?
  • Why aren’t you spending the hour you chose to convince us these awards are evil, instead spreading the word about some of the work your colleagues have performed?
  • Why do you feel it is okay to rob another educator or student blogger about being proud of their accomplishments and the recognition?

What you could be voting for and supporting…

Many incredible projects, student blogs, and new bloggers are mentioned. Which of these projects or individuals should not be recognized for their hard work? We are adults and should be able to handle the recognition of others. If these awards are an ugly thing that is because human beings, other educators, have made the choice to turn it into that instead of being mature and celebrating great endeavors in our field. I choose to celebrate my colleagues. The winning isn’t the point, but recognizing and spreading the word about the great things that are noble and transformative in our profession and classrooms is the point. And before you go on your tirade about me winning one of those awards or two in the past, I have also lost tons of awards (trust me I’m so thankful to have lost a lot because it means my PLN recognized me for so many), including Edublog awards, and I didn’t feel bad because like I said being recognized by my colleagues is an award itself especially since they are the ones who have supported, participated, and took the time to spread the word about my projects. I am grateful for their nominations and I am grateful for them. Thank you!
BTW… don’t forget to vote for the Edublog Awards here and thanks to my dear friend, Steven Anderson, @Web20classroom, for this spreadsheet to easily see the nominees in each category.

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Which Edublog nominees are you excited about and please feel free to describe and tell us about your project if you were nominated?