Happy Holidays from Shelly & Rosco!

This year has been amazing because you have shared with us and inspired us. In April 2009, I began my journey using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Nings, Second Life, blogs, etc.) to develop my passionate/personal learning network (PLN). I was so inspired by my PLN that I sought out to visit you at various conferences and events worldwide. This has led me to numerous incredible adventures with my PLN including roadtrips to Poland, a birthday party in Paris, a wedding in Istanbul, lunches on Brighton beach, sunbathing in the Greek islands, riding elephants in Thailand, watching Flamenco in Spain, dining in pubs throughout the UK and Toronto, and singing karaoke in Tokyo, Paris, Philly, and throughout the UK. I have visited 20 countries and 100s of cities to meet you and will be visiting more to meet more of you in 2012. Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives.

Thank the people who have been a blessing in your life.
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