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Part 3 of 3 TESOL France Highlights

Recently, I saw some amazing technology presentations at the TESOL France conference. Thanks to TESOL France president, Bethany Cagnol (@bethcagnol) and the other conference organizers for selecting great presenters! These presentations were given by our ELT Twitter PLN.

Presentation Highlights

Unlocking Learner Motivation For Digital Natives by Paul Maglione- I really enjoyed this presentation by @paulmaglione, which provided insights to the teenage brain and learning! My favorite slides are #40 and #43 where Paul shares what we can adopt from videos games into our teaching and tweets from adolescents in Italian that give a glimpse into what they feel about learning English. I recommend you check out the English Attack website which integrates language learning and gaming principles.

Teaching English to Scientists is Fun by Elizabeth Anne– I enjoyed how @eannegrenoble helped her scientists learn specific English vocabulary. She taught me about a new exciting tool, E-Lang, which allows you to enter any vocabulary list you have created and check how it is used in context in any online article. You will see the frequency of the words used. Also, this website has listening exercises and makes text corrections. Click tabs 3 and 4 to use.
Check this! by Valentina Dodge- Sorry to miss @vale360‘s presentation but heard it was recorded. Rumor has it I missed a fantastic presentation which showcased various techniques for handling learner accuracy and dealing with corrections or feedback when delivering blended learning courses. The presentation highlighted English 360, an innovative way to create materials. I saw a previous presentation about this website and highly recommend you check it out because really there are so many cool features to create interactive online materials. Here is Valentina’s presentation, Biodiversity & ELT.

English360 – Cambridge University Press from Atelier Transfert on Vimeo.

Captured on Video by Lindsay Clandfield– Sorry I missed Lindsay’s (@lclandfield) presentation that highlighted ways of using new kinds of videos and creating and subtitling videos. One tool he’s a master at is Overstream. Watch his film, Harrator, which was shown during the presentation!

Gems on the Web by Russell Stannard– Russell (@russell1955) is always a joy to watch. He’s really enthusiastic about web 2.0 tools and demonstrates them live in his presentations. Check out the video tutorials of the various websites he shared including Storybird, Writing Fun, and Mailvu on his website, Teacher Training Videos.
Using Podcasts in Foreign Language Teaching by Marianne Raynaud- Sorry to miss this! Marianne demonstrated how to make effective use of podcasts for standard listening comprehension, lab work, and homework assignments.
AVALON Language Learning in Second Life by Heike Philps– Sorry to miss this! Heike (@heikephilp presented about the AVALON EU project which aims to explore language learning in Second Life with 26 partners in 8 EU countries. Watch Heike’s Ignite presentation below:

Performance-based Business English: Boosting ROI for both students and HR by Cleve Miller- Sorry I missed @cleve360‘s presentation but was excited to see 3 Youtube videos of his presentation. Watch Part 1,  Part 2, and Part 3.
My Presentation! Global Class Projects: Extending learning beyond the classrooms– Watch the live webinar and find all the resources in this Global Projects wiki.
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