Reflections on the Chris Lehmann Live Chat

This past Monday, December 20th, members of the EDU PLN Ning and participants of #Edchat joined Chris Lehmann, @ChrisLehmann, founding principal of the Science Leadership Academy, in a live conversation about education transformation. Tom Whitby, Kyle Pace, and me moderated the 1 hour Elluminate session.

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Some nuggets from Chris during the conversation

Sad when 1st graders say they hope they don’t have to go to school the next day.
Sad when items are on the test we don’t use and never tell kids why they need to know it.
We need to be okay with the question why are we teaching stuff.
The Why is powerful and where kids learn things.
Schools should teach kids not only how to learn but how to live.
Schools serve a social purpose and are about teaching citizenship.
A good citizen is defined as being active in your world.
I want more kids to be able to have access to the learning we do at SLA.
Students need the opportunity to own the curriculum.
We can’t bully teachers into believing in kids or wanting to teach them.
Classes shouldn’t be silos but lenses.

More about Chris Lehmann

Bio: Chris is the founding principal of the Science Leadership Academy, a progressive science and technology high school in Philadelphia, PA. Chris has returned to his native Philadelphia after nine years as an English Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Girls Basketball Coach and Ultimate Frisbee coach at the Beacon School in New York City, one of the leading urban public schools for technology integration. In 2006, the National School Board Association named Chris one of “20 to Watch” among American administrators. In 2001, Chris was honored by MO– USE as a Champion of Technology and Education for his work on building the portal at the Beacon School. Chris has spoken at educational conferences all over the world, including the Building Learning Communities conference, the National Educational Computing Conference, the Philadedelphia Area Educational Technology Conference, The Council of Educational Facilities Planners Regional Conference, the K12-Online Conference, the International Conference on Technology and Education and at LinuxWorld, and he has worked with many schools and districts in the U.S. and England as a consultant.
Watch the video or listen to the podcast and reflect.

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What are your reactions to Chris Lehmann’s views on learning?

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