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For the most part, I keep this blog ad free. I often get requests to advertise on this blog, but prefer to be able to showcase projects I believe in because I think they are doing great things. If I back anything on my blog, I want you to know it is for a great cause or the product/service is truly worth having.
The Saltash schools are up for a call-in award. I have seen the amazing work Dan Roberts, @Chickensaltash, has accomplished over the years with his school. These amazing projects included the opportunity to listen to a guest expert from the Rain forest and a global project with a school from Nigeria.
They have a chance to win an award. It’s a call-in award that isn’t free but knowing Dan it must be a worthy cause!
Here’s how to vote:
Vote for schools in the Recharge the Battery project by sending one text message charged at your standard rate (if you have free texts it will cost nothing). Text the word RECHARGE to 07950 080 667 (or +44 7950 080 667 if dialing from outside the UK) If you are outside the UK then  your vote counts double.
If you vote, please leave a comment or tweet Dan so he can send you a thank you and tell the students where you are voting from.


Do a good deed to help someone else out for the holidays!

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