Happy New Year! Thank You!

Happy New Year!

Thank you my friends for being part of my personal learning journey in 2010. I have enjoyed tweeting with you, your comments, visiting you at conferences or events, seeing you in webinars, responding to your blog posts, and collaborating on education transformation. You have helped me reflect and I feel like many of you are family or lifelong friends. Thank you for sharing in my magical moments. There have been so many more since I became an active member of my Personal Learning Network! Thank you for being there during difficult times and to support academic projects!
Enjoy the following videos for reflection on the year! Have an incredible 2011 with amazing surprises and blessings! Thank you for blessing me with your friendship and inspiring me with your passion and dedication for teaching and learning!
In this video, Google shows what was searched:

Click on any to see the New Year’s videos worldwide:

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