David Crystal, Tweet-ups, & Fun #TESOLFr Highlights

Part 1 of 3 TESOL France Highlights

I spent my Thanksgiving weekend in Paris with some wonderful people I interact with on Twitter and other places. You can find the Twitter list of attendees here! This will be a 2 part post because there is so much to blog about. The TESOL France conference was one of the best conferences I have attended with the right mixture of technology resources, creative presentations, and innovative classroom practices! The presenters were treated exceptionally well, wifi was available, a massage therapist was on hand for presenters and attendees, flamenco dancers performed, members presented during an Open Mic night, and the amazing David Crystal and family presented. Outlets to charge your laptops and smartphones were in nearly every room and by every single seat which meant I didn’t have to sit on the floor in a hallway to charge my devices! 🙂 This conference was utterly amazing and very cost-friendly to attend compared to other conferences I have attended. I would like to thank TESOL France president, Bethany Cagnol (@bethcagnol) and the other conference organizers for planning such an amazing conference that will definitely be on my agenda again!

Memories of Good Times

Here are some of the highlights I recorded:
My Photo Album

This album includes photos with several pictures of my Twitter PLN and the keynote by David Crystal. David Crystal is amazing. You can catch interviews with him on the ELTChat podcasts by the end of the month. You will also read some of the highlights by Mike Harrison in an upcoming post on his blog. David Crystal is one of the most famous linguists with amazing acting talent. He was able to draw in the crowd for his keynote with only his voice. He had no technology whatsoever. He stood with only the mic and his voice. He was really incredible and made me laugh more than any keynote I can remember. His wife, Hilary Crystal, and son, Ben Crystal joined him on Friday night for a night full of improv and Shakespeare! Below is David Crystal debating text messaging myths.

Open Mic Night

Many members of our Twitter PLN performed but I was only able to catch performances by Willy Card (@willycard at the beginning) playing guitar and singing, Sue Lyon-Jones singing Marvin Gaye (@esolcourses at 2:54), and Russell Stannard playing the guitar and singing (@russell1955 at about 20min).

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