Building the Twitter Academy: Interview with Kelly Tenkely

Interview 13 of Twittering for Education

I love when I meet educators so passionate about their vision they don’t see the obstacles involved. Instead, these educators just begin building their dreams and living them. This is how education transformation occurs through action supported by passion and vision. I collaborate with these kind of educators daily now that I have been involved in online educator communities on Twitter, Facebook, and Ning groups. One of these educators is Kelly Tenkely (@ktenkely) who I had the privilege of working closely with when we organized The Reform Symposium with Chris Rogers (@MrR0g3rs). Kelly recently joined me to speak about her progress on building a collective dream of many in our PLN (Passionate Learning Network)– the Twitter Academy. In her post, When Hunches Collide, Kelly goes into details of the origins of the idea. The Twitter Academy will represent what education should be for all students. Kelly doesn’t only dream. She follows through which makes her an incredible force behind such a project!


Kelly Tenkely is a computer teacher and technology integration specialist in Colorado.  In addition to teaching and working with teachers, Kelly is a prolific blogger keeping an award winning technology integration blog, iLearn Technology, a reflection on education blog, Dreams of Education and encourages other educators to find their blogging voice with her iLearn Technology edublogger alliance. Kelly also writes regularly for The Apple and has written many of the top viewed articles including Top 10 Technology Tips for New Teachers and 10 Technology Enhanced Alternatives to Book Reports. Kelly is currently working on a project to put iPads in the hands of every student in an iPad 1 to 1 study.  Find Kelly on Twitter, @ktenkely
Keep current on the latest Twitter Academy updates by following the hashtag, #TwitAcad.
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