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Part of the new Presentation tips series

Since 1994 I have been presenting frequently in competitions, conferences, webinars, and virtual conferences. By the end of this year, I will have created over 50 presentations on PowerPoint and Prezi. I have learned a lot of short cuts and have found some great resources that may be of value for your presentations. I know that not many of us have time to spare in creating amazing presentations or some of us just need some advice. Therefore, I am starting a new series where I will be sharing presentation tips.
Part of education transformation is sharing what works in our teaching and how we help motivate our students. Presenting is part of this sharing of resources. Hopefully, these tips will help you motivate your audiences and help save you time.

Flickr High Resolution Images

One of my favorite resources for Creative Common high resolution images is Flickr. Register for free or through your Yahoo account. This video will help you find Creative Common images for commercial and non-commercial uses.

I often adapt images that are under a Creative Commons 3.0 license, which is the updated version of the 2.0 license. Here are a few ways to quickly find CC 3.0 licensed images to use on Flickr:

Some of My CC Quotes Slides

Enjoy these slides. I will be adding more to my quotes set regularly. These are the small versions but click on the image to grab larger images for your blog, video, or presentation.

Plato Kind quote Flickr

Alive quote Flickr

Beauty Confuscius Plato

G Couros quote Flickr

Dr Seuss Brains quote Flickr

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Use these images to save some time on your next presentation.

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What Creative Commons Flickr group or photographer do you enjoy?

In the next post of this series I will share my favorite websites to find hi-resolution stock photos.