Using Skype for ELT Lessons: Interview with Marisa Pavan

Interview 8 of Twittering for Education

Skype is such an incredible tool
for education. In some cases, our students may not be able to join our lessons due to an illness or weather mishap. Some students may just find online learning more convenient than traveling to a location. In this case, the student chooses to take every lesson online. When training teachers to use Skype to teach English, several teachers question the way this works. Many want to know the dynamics and if using Skype for learning a language can be effective. Teachers want to know what type of lessons to conduct using Skype and if a coursebook is used. Therefore, I was excited that Marisa Pavan, @Mtranslator, shared her experience in conducting language lessons via Skype in a recent video interview! Marisa also teaches classes in a physical classroom so she is able to compare and contrast both experiences!

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Marisa Pavan, @mtranslator, holds degrees in translation, interpretation and teaching from Instituto Superior Nº 28 “Olga Cossettini”, Rosario and has two decades of experience in teaching English as a Second Language. She has over 6 years experience working as a freelance English-Spanish/ Spanish-English translator. She is skilled in languages, translation, interpretation, training students to develop listening, speaking, writing and reading strategies, CAT tools and communication.
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