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In companies worldwide, employees will be expected to conduct business on a Blackberry, Iphone, laptop, or other handheld device. I remember my experience receiving a cellphone. I remember the first time texting and trying to read on my mobile device. There was definitely a comfort I had to learn to achieve and I’m still learning daily how to effectively collaborate and develop professionally using my Iphone. Students today shouldn’t have to go through this learning process because this is the world they now live in. These devices were already being used for worldwide communication and collaboration when they were born. This is why mobile learning should be part of the curriculum and I’m excited to see this learning take place. What does effective mobile learning in schools look like? Are children responsible with these devices? Are these devices really used to improve writing skills? Do children actually collaborate and problem solve with them? I’m sure you’ve had these questions. For this reason, I was excited that Scott Newcomb, @SNewco, answered these questions in a recent video interview! He is a teacher who uses mobile learning devices to teach his 4th graders!

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Scott Newcomb, @snewco, has taught for 10 years and works with 4th graders at St. Marys Intermediate School. This is a public school in its 3rd year using mobile learning devices with their students. Scott helped organize and participated in the first Mobile Learning Technology Conference in Ohio in May of 2009. Scott has helped with professional development training for staff members using smartphone computers. He has presented about Mobile Learning at the E-Tech Ohio Conference, Mobile Learning Technology Conference in Ohio 2009-2010, OSBA Conference, and the ISTE Conference in Denver, CO.  He has also conducted webinars on the topic of mobile learning for Classroom 2.0 Live and EdTech Talk.

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