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Many of us who read blogs, use Twitter, and are active users of social media have seen the amazing learning taking place at various schools. In the midst of so much negativity in the press towards educators and education, I am extremely happy to see some schools have brought upon positive press about their schools. How can we begin to get the media interested in school success stories if we believe that education transformation begins with following model examples? How can we use social media to spread the word of the great learning taking place at various schools? I was excited that Patrick Larkin, @BHSPrincipal, answered these questions in a recent video interview! He is a principal who uses social media to demonstrate effective communication and leadership with the staff, parents, and students within his school!

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Patrick Larkin, @bhsprincipal, is the Principal of Burlington High School in Massachusetts where he completed his 13th year as a high school administrator and sixth as a building Principal. Prior to serving as a school administrator, Patrick was a high school English teacher. As an Assistant Principal, Patrick was named Assistant Principal of the Year in the state of Massachusetts. He also is a former Executive Board member in the Massachusetts Secondary Schools Administrators Association (MSSAA) and he recently completed a two year term as a member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Commission on Public Secondary Schools. He is an avid blogger and a proponent of social media to better engage teachers, students, and parents in the education process.
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Investigate ways to inspire others in your school through social media. For example, if you haven’t started a blog to share with others at your school, then consider doing this.

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How do you use social media to improve learning and communication at your school?

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