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Interview 10 of Twittering for Education

This past weekend I spent commenting on student blogs. I really believe in student blogging, because students own their learning, reflect and make connections about the knowledge they learn, and are motivated by their worldwide audience. I really admire the work of my friend Greta Sandler, @Gret, who has her fifth grade students from Argentina blog. I admire her because she was the first and is the only teacher at her school that has students blog. I love reading their blogs and leaving comments. You can sense their excitement. This past week I interviewed Greta about her success at getting her students to blog. Listen to her interview where she shares incredible insights about students blogging in English! Greta’s 5th graders love comments so be sure to leave some comments on their blog, Sharing Good News.

More Information

Greta Sandler is an ESL teacher. She teaches 5th grade at a K-12 school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is passionate about teaching and technology. She loves to create meaningful learning opportunities for her students by combining her two passions. You can check out her blog About a Teacher and you can also find her on Twitter. Follow her on Twitter, @gret.
Watch Greta’s presentation at the Virtual Round Table E-Conference, Blogging with Students, and discover more resources about student blogging.
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Ask Greta for help or support in getting your students to blog! Check out her presentation and the resources she shares on her blog to get you started!

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