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Interview 4 of Twittering for Education

I have really enjoyed watching the amount of school administrators on Twitter increase within the last year. Administrators on Twitter are inspirational. They are great leaders showing their staff by example how to build relationships with parents and students through social media. One of the most inspiring groups that supports administrators on social media is Connected Principals founded by George Couros. Connected Principals is a website where school administrators share collected thoughts about best practices in education. They also tweet these posts, share resources, and support their projects using the hash tag, #CPChat.
Now, they will be hosting an interactive webinar discussion every 4th Sunday of the month on Twitter. Anyone is welcomed to join the live chat, which starts this Sunday, September 26th, at 5:30pm EDT (NYC Time; Check your time zone here). Simply, click this Elluminate Link and login with your name or Twitter name to join the conversation. George Couros, Patrick Larkin, Lyn Hilt, and Dave Meister will be part of the panel which will discuss the following topics:
1. Management vs. Leadership
2. Social Media within schools
3. Staff Professional Development
The panel will also answer audience questions.

Video Interview with George Couros

In this video interview, George Couros, shares the vision behind Connected Principals and what we can expect from the live webinar.

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Join the Connected Principals live Elluminate webinar this Sun., Oct. 26th, 5:30pm EDT (NYC time), by clicking on this link, Connected Principals Elluminate Session Link. Check your time zone here.

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What are your thoughts about administrators using social media?

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