6 Reasons to Attend the #RSCON10 Free E-Conference Fri. 7/30-8/1

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Reform Symposium

After an Edchat conversation about education reform,Chris Rogers, Jason Bedell, Kelly Tenkely, and I collaborated to organize The Reform Symposium, a 48 hour free e-conference for educators that will begin Friday, July 30th at 2pm PDT (LA Time) and end Sunday, August 1st at 2:30pm PDT (LA Time). The entire conference will take place online in Elluminate web rooms and will feature 20 presentations (30 minutes), 14 keynotes (1 hour), and 1 panel discussion (1 hour) on the this year’s theme, Innovative Practices in Education. Presentations will focus on the effective use of technology and various issues for education reform. This free virtual conference is more than any of us imagined and opened to learners worldwide! All you need to attend is an Internet connection!
Many of you are on summer vacation so why else should you attend this free e-conference?

1. Attend in your PJs for free!

Perhaps you weren’t able to attend conferences due to costs, travel, or a busy schedule. This conference is virtual and no one will see you so feel free to wear your most comfortable clothes, log in, and watch the speakers. It’s 48 hours almost continuous so you will be able to fit this in your schedule. You will be able to chat with other participants worldwide and if you have a mic you can even try to ask the presenter a question!

2. Be Blown Away by the Keynotes!

We have such an amazing line-up of Keynotes and topics that will inspire you! These include Steve Hargadon, Sue Waters, Angela Maiers, Richard Byrne, George Couros, Shelly Blake-Plock, Terry Freedman, Steven Anderson, Tom Whitby, Jo Hart, Phil Hart, John C. Carver, Patrick Larkin, Paula White, Monika Hardy and her students, Russ Goerend, Nate Kogan, Lisa Dabbs, and Janet Avery. Our presenters come from various countries such as Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada. They have presented and keynoted at conferences such as ISTE, NYSCATE, 140 Conference, and Educonn. You get to interact with them for free in your pjs! How cool is  that!

3. Be Inspired by the Presentations!

We have 20 presentations about topics like abolishing grades, Skyping with classes, Twittering with your k12 classes, integrating games in your math classes and more! You will see student examples and discover how teachers worldwide are engaging students. We have presenters from various countries including the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Portugal, the US, Canada, Greece, etc. Presenters include Mary Beth Hertz, Kevin Jarrett, Mike Hogan, Marisa Constantinides, Maria Anderson, Karenne Sylvester, Jerry Swiatek, Scott St. Pierre, Cory Plough, Silvia Tolisano, Alexandra Francisco, Joan Young, Kevin Creutz, Judith Way, Janet Bianchini, Dorie Glynn, Kelly Hines, Joe Bower, Nicholas Provenzano, and Tim Gwynn.

4. Win Amazing Prizes!

By registering on the website for free your name will be entered in a raffle to win one of these prizes:

  • Edublogs will give away 10 free 12 months Edublogs Pro subscriptions. Features include: 10gb storage, no ads, privacy options, premium themes, and much more!
  • SimpleK12 will give away ten free memberships to the EdTech UNconference, each valued at $200.
  • ToonDoo will give away five $100 coupons which can be used to setup licensed ToonDooSpaces. They are private, walled social networks where students and educators can create and share comic strips within their schools or classrooms.
  • Microsoft Education will give away a brand new Xbox 360 to one of the participants who participates in the most Reform Symposium sessions. Those who attend and participate in the most sessions will have their names placed in a drawing.

5. Get Continuing Education Credit (CEU) for Free!

Getting CEU or professional development credits for your certification can be time consuming and expensive! By attending this virtual e-conference and filling out these forms you may be able to save yourself time and money. Plus, you will be able to choose which presentations you want to attend at a time that is convenient for you. All our presenters have presented at conferences, workshops, or at their schools so they offer some of the best interactive presentations you will see!

6. Develop Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)!

Register for free on The Reform Symposium website and get connected with educators attending and presenting at the conference. We have over 300 educators signed-up who will be chatting with you online, exchanging ideas, and so forth. You can easily chat with them during the presentations, respond to blogs, write your own blog, and comment on their profiles! You will be surrounded by those who are passionate about improving education!


Attend at least one of the free sessions!

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