A Poem by a Teacher in Tunisia, Hamdi Erestreams

Part of the series: Global Issues in Education

I love that I am able to develop relationships with educators from around the world through social media. The stories I hear inspire me to continue striving to provide free professional development opportunities and resources. In many parts of the world, educators have to struggle to develop Personal/Passionate Learning Networks online because they lack home access to the Internet. Hamdi Erestreams is one of these educators. He has been teaching students English in Tunisia for over 12 years and would be a valuable educator anywhere. He speaks three languages fluently, Arabic, French, and English. He is also very passionate about being an educator and is hoping to connect with someone in the UK or the US to do a teacher stay program. Hamdi is dedicated to professional development and visits an Internet cafe weekly to connect with other educators and access resources. I met Hamdi on Facebook. He shared this poem. I think it would be great for English teachers to share with their students.

In Days Gone By

Painful that late Saturday
Heading north by train some years ago in May
Their eyes met in such an accidental way
On that late Saturday
Years and years of longings went by
She looked the same
though her eyes seemed beaten by time
faint memories awoke
Heavily, yet they never spoke
Of olden moments somewhere
Of olden joys at the town square
He left his seat…
walked away…
to flee the beat..
He hates memories that hurt and eat
Hamdi Erestreams is an EFL teacher from Tunisia. He has a BA in English language and literature and in 1991 he received his Proficiency Certificate from Brighton University. He is interested in translation, test construction, media and literary studies,and poetry. Read another poem of his on the Teaching Village blog.

What are your favorite ways to teach students poetry?